My naughty pics
I am 21. I had few girlfriends but I want to ask you questions about girls why they hate anal so much even if its done slowly and carefully. Why they don't want to give blowjob and try to avoid it?

This question I’ll have to take with a grain of salt because you’re only 21.  So the first part - I encourage you to shove a cock-sized object up your ass and tell me if you like it.  Some people do, and some people don’t.  Some people get used to it, some will never like it.  If you hate the idea of something up your ass, well maybe the girl feels the same fucking way!  As for the second part - what the fuck are you saying?  We give blowjobs to avoid anal?  How about we just say “don’t put it in my ass or else I’m shoving something up YOUR ass?”

I went through your blog archive. You are a beautiful lady. This is one of the sexiest blog on tumble. Your blog shows the changes from young 18 year old you to present. Is it the same guy in all those pics?

yes it is, we’re proud to say!

My smooth pussy sliding on him was too much

Sucking his morning wood

Sucking his morning wood

Do you and your man eat out each other's assholes?

if we are recently showered, then yes

Cummy cameltoe

Cummy cameltoe

Love seeing a women control a man with her nylon panties

My panties aren’t nylon, but my panties DO have immense control over him :)

Hi there,you are a beautiful woman, I really like your blog! You're a natural beauty, just keep it that way :-) Best regards! (Btw. the pics in your green panties were great. Looking forward for the nixt time when your sweet little ass is ready to take it ;-))

Thank you!  Hopefully you mean “natural” as in, no surgery or stuff like that.  Hair removal IS natural.  Unless every man in the world is going to look like ZZ Top, humans have been removing body hair for centuries.  And yes, those panties are awesome.  But my little bum is not liking anal lately!  Dunno why I used to like it more…

Would your husband share you with another guy

It happened a few times a long time ago… but we’re done with that now

Ur husban is such a luky guy.;) i bet he like to empty is balls all over ur sexy body ps: i love ur pussy shaved and not shaved bc its still a sexy pussy;)

You are right on all 3 points you make :)